Sanders|Fritom finds it important to be eco-friendly. Together with our employees and customers, we contribute to a lower CO2-emission.

546,000 kg CO2 reduction in 2019

Longer and Heavier Vehicle combinations (LHV)

At night, we deliver the products by LHV-trucks as near as possible to their final destination. We are able to increase our load factor by 30% by using LHVs. Combined with the nightly transport, we save time and CO2. This resulted in a saving of almost 330,000 kg CO2 in 2019.


Energy-efficient and safe driving program

Being eco-friendly is rewarded at Sanders|Fritom. Efficient use of equipment also stimulates energy-efficient driving. There is a bonus plan in place for drivers, partly based on managing cruise RPM and be moderate with braking. The improved driving behavior saved 217,000 kg CO2-emission and 5.2% fuel. Additional benefit is less wear and tear of the material.

Work safe and secure

To be able to unload large and heavy products, all our vehicles are equipped with an electronic pallet jack. Sanders|Fritom ensures damage-free delivery of your products this way, while our people are able to do their jobs safe and secure.

Sanders Fritom Uden 6073


In 2020, 87% of our vehicles suffice to the Euro 6 emission norm. The remaining comply with the Euro 5 norm.

Sustainable facility

Our new distribution center in Uden was completed in 2020. During its construction, we took the impact of our building to the environment into account. So, we paid attention to:

  • Solar panels
  • Led lighting
  • Water-saving facilities (greywater circuit)
  • Waste separation
  • Minimizing waste

With pleasure, we tell you more about Sanders|Fritom's CSR philosophy

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