Can you imagine a world without online purchases? Products are increasingly ordered online nowadays. We support and take care of your entire e-logistic process by taking care of the entire process. From inbound and storage to assembling, to packaging and shipping your products. Giving you peace of mind!


Delivered everything from one central warehouse
Delivered everything from one central warehouse

Everything coming from one warehouse and stock

E-fulfilment actually covers the entire order and service chain. Every extra link in this chain can lead to mistakes, delays or miscommunication. By keeping everything at one location the changes of these mishaps are minimized. This optimizes your supply chain at the same time.

Serving both your B2B and B2C clients from one warehouse and a centralized stock has many benefits. You optimize your stock and don not have to turn down a sale. It makes it a lot easier and clearer for you as our customer. Your products are, on top of that, always safely stored in our highly secured warehouse in Uden.

Real-time stock insight

Via our e-service, you have 24/7 access to real-time information about the status of your shipment. All data is available online right-away in our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS). Giving you immediate access to the number of open and closed orders, stock status, orders per day or week, and the average amount of order lines per order. We also have direct interfaces with all parcel carriers, so your client can always check the latest status of his shipment online via Track & Trace.

Real-time inzicht in uw voorraad

Between parcel and pallet

Besides for parcel distribution, we are also the specialist for all your shipments in between parcel to pallet. Traditional parcel carriers have strict criteria concerning measurements of the packages. Does your package not meet these strict criteria? We are the company to go to! We use a semi-automatic sorting process without conveyor belts. Making it possible to handle all sized packages.


We combine the B2B and B2C shipments in our 24-hour distribution network in the Benelux, using trucks with taillift. These trucks are at least one size up from vans. Enabling us to deliver your shipments straight to the customer the very next day. For every shipment Track & Trace is available and the digital signature is accessible right after delivery.


Whether you want to ship a parcel, pallet or anything in between, shipping to your B2B and B2C clients or enjoy all benefits from keeping everything on one location? Sanders|Fritom is the company to go to!

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  • Everything coming from one warehouse and stock
  • Real-time stock insight
  • Between parcel and pallet

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