Looking for space to safely store your products? You came to the right address! Sanders|Fritom has a newly build (2020) distribution center of nearly 20,000 m2 with an automated and digitalized WMS. A great working environment, where we safely and securely take care of your goods.

In augustus 2023 we opened our new warehouse at Jagersveld 11 Uden, close to our main facility. With an impressive capacity of 10,000 square meters and room for 20,000 pallet spaces, we can now meet the growing demand even more effectively. This strategically located warehouse will significantly enhance our operational capabilities, enabling us to provide our customers with an even better service.

Real time insight in your stock by WMS
Real time insight in your stock by WMS
nation wide spreaded warehouses
nation wide spreaded warehouses
quality control
quality control

Stay informed about your stock

Our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) electronically registers the inbound and outbound of products. Thanks to the WMS, you have real time data available to you 24/7.

We take care of your:  

  • Entry and removal (FIFO, LIFO, BBD or production date)
  • Stock management, cycle count
  • Order picking, labeling, (re)packaging
  • Value Added Services: testing, modification and assembly
  • Track & Trace during the entire process - from entry and storage to delivery
  • Packaging registration  

Nationwide warehousing

We have been providing warehousing services to our clients across the Benelux for many decades. In addition to our distribution center in Uden, the Fritom organization also has extra warehouse capacity in Deventer, Emmen, Heeg, Veendam and Zwolle and more. A quick solution is always close to hand.

nation wide spreaded warehouses

“The drive that Sanders|Fritom has for its clients is very recognizable”

Rob Rooijackers

Owner, Toi-Toys



We are also SKAL-certified, which means that we can take care of the logistic processes of your organic products as well. 

Benefit from

  • Stock data
  • Nationwide warehousing
  • SKAL-certification

Interested in warehousing? 

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