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“The drive that Sanders|Fritom has for its clients is very recognizable”

Rob Rooijackers — Toi-Toys

Toi-Toys is an importer and exporter of low-cost toys. Rob Rooijackers, Managing Director at Toi-Toys explains why: “We want to make our clients as happy as possible business-wise. We wish them success.

"By providing the right services, we can help them achieve this and bring peace of mind. This is similar to the story of Sanders|Fritom. We supply toys, our target audience being children. This incredibly vulnerable group requires high quality and safety of our products. We are responsible for this; we do not want our clients to have to worry about that.”

Toi-Toys has been doing business with Sanders|Fritom since 2010. “Before choosing Sanders|Fritom, we compared several parties. The most important to us was that the service of the company was to our liking. This was the case with Sanders|Fritom. We have fixed points of contact, who know about our situation and preferences, which is very to our liking. It really appeals to us that you can always count on Sanders|Fritom. With a yearly growth of 30 percent, this is of significant importance to us.”

The fact that Toi-Toys is expanding rapidly is also noticeable in how the two companies work together. “We have over 1,400 products in our warehouse. We export these to our clients all over Europe and beyond. Right now, Sanders|Fritom manages a part of our warehousing. Because of our rapid expansion, this part will increase in the near future. 






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Meanwhile, the transport services we use has also grown. From just to the Benelux, transports to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are very pleased with this. The service of Sanders|Fritom stays the same, no matter what.”

Rob emphasizes yet again how well the contact is with Sanders|Fritom. “The driver informs the client about the status of the delivery – if necessary –, when Sanders|Fritom is on the road to one of our clients that we have a time commitment with. The same goes for the communication towards us. When things change, they will let our planner know, so we can take it into account. We recognize their drive they have for their clients, as it is the same drive we have for ours.”



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