“Together we think about the logistic management and brainstorm about improvements to the logistic process”

Eric Dortmans — Team leader transport planning & driver’s corps, MCB

Having 600 employees, MCB has been offering an extensive range of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and non-ferro metals for over 75 years. Sanders|Fritom drives to North-Holland four times a day, daily. Team leader transport planning & drivers’ corps at MCB, Eric Dortmans, is very enthusiastic about it: “The steel industry is a unique industry and Sanders|Fritom understands where we want to go.”

It is said that the employees of MCB, wholesaler in steel and metal, are the real ‘men of steel’. The company is located in Valkenswaard and has sales offices in Belgium and Germany. Eric indicates that MCB has found a high-quality partner in Sanders|Fritom. “We are a metal wholesaler that understands the business. With our people-orientated approach, we guarantee loyalty and trust. We recognize these strengths in each other and would very much like to use more of Sanders|Fritom’s services. I am working on the concepts for these plans with Tom Wiersma. If you’re talking about a real ‘logistic beast’, that’s Tom. Together we think about the logistic management and brainstorm about improvements in the logistic process.”

transport for MCB by Sanders Fritom

Besides having found an involved partner, there are more similarities between the two companies. “It is really important to us that our logistic partner is ISO certified. That played an important part in our decision to go for Sanders|Fritom. Because we are also ISO certified – we have the 9001 certification for quality and the 14001 eco certification. The eco performance ladder has 5 levels, we are at level 3. Our 65 vehicles are all above the Euro 4 standard. These vehicles also come into the warehouse for loading and unloading. That, of course, has to be done in a safe manner.”

“It is very important to us that a logistic service provider understands which direction we want to go to. The steel industry is a unique industry. A partner who ‘gets’ this is very important and of great value to us. Currently, we have over 5,000 clients and deliver to 11 or 12 addresses a day. We literally ship tons every day. But above all, we help our clients to move forward. The way in which this is accomplished, makes it possible for our clients to focus on their own business. Our client database doesn’t look anything like those of companies in for example the automotive or tool industry. Sanders|Fritom gets that. Together we play an important role in the success of our clients.”

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